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Meet Your Host

Robin J. Emdon is the creator of The 5-Day skyrocketyourproductivitychallenge.com and the proprietary GetResultsology® Model.

During the pandemic, Robin dedicated himself to researching, writing, and creating GetResultsology. Initially, he sought to understand procrastination better for his own sake, but his work soon evolved into an accessible and comprehensive guide designed to help others stop spinning their wheels and reach their full potential too.

Embarrassed by years of self-denial about his procrastination problem, Robin’s research led him to recognise the vital role of accountability in life coaching. He found that this element alone provided clients with the greatest benefits, helping them achieve their highest levels of productive momentum.

Today, Robin resides in South Devon with grown-up sons, not far from the 600-year-old thatched cottage where they lived while he was running the family business. 

In 2024, he published GetResultsology and relaunched his life coaching business, focusing on accountability through the GetResultsology system.

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