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If you’ve read my book, ‘GetResultsology® - The Science of Getting Stuff Done’ then you’ll understand that I made it my mission to provide a comprehensive guide to crushing procrastination and achieving peak performance productivity, wherever and whenever you need that to happen.

With around 95% of people struggling with procrastination sometimes and a staggering 20% of those dealing with chronic procrastination, I wanted to make sure GetResultsology® is accessible and useful to everyone who wants or needs it.

However, now you’re here on my website I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest who might particularly appreciate the benefits offered by the full GetResultsology® system…

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Is this you?

1. You’re a work-from-home solopreneur (yes, I don’t like that word either!) and you love it when a client’s business or life is transformed by your Magic because you get to make the world a better place and you feel happier and more fulfilled.

2. You also love it when you’ve got more cash in your bank account as a result of transforming more businesses or lives (who wouldn’t like that?).

3. Working from home you’ve been able to create for yourself a mostly supportive working environment. Likely an office/study, a computer and good supply of beverages and snacks (espresso machine for me!).

4. You understand that in order to enjoy (1) and (2) above you need to keep working, as distraction free as possible and productively in the time you have available to work.

5. You also understand that working-from-home is the perfect environment for procrastination – the thief of time!

6. Over many years, and possibly decades, you’ve invested in books and courses (a lot), in a quest to discover the best ways to crush procrastination and to shift gears into a higher level of productivity in the time you have available to work.

7. You’re disappointed to report that all the money, time and effort invested into (6) above has resulted in little impact on progressing (1), (2) and (4) above. In other words… ultimately, almost everything you’ve tried has not worked in the long-term and you still have that nagging feeling that you could be working more productively on achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations.

8. Quitting isn’t an option and you’re probably doing okay. But ‘okay’ isn’t good enough for you. You still want to know that when you sit down to work your time will be invested productively; that procrastination will not steal your time and that you will achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

If I’ve just described you then I’m delighted to report that you have finally found the answer you’re looking for.

(And if I didn’t describe you, that’s fine, as I said above, GetResultsology® intentionally offers solutions to a broad church of different people in different situations).

If you haven’t read the book – I highly recommend you do. Also, be sure to enrol in the Free GetResultsology® 5 Day ‘Skyrocket Your Productivity’ Challenge.

Whatever your situation, GetResultsology will be of significant benefit to you. And if I’ve just described you in the list above, then we really need to talk.

You can read more about what I can bring to your table and if it that’s something that would be a good fit for you, you can reach me here…

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About Robin J. Emdon

In 2019, after ten years of effort, single parent Robin J. Emdon finally graduated as a mature university student. Reflecting on his extended journey, he realised that his chronic procrastination had significantly delayed his progress, turning what should have been a six-year endeavour into a decade-long struggle.

The irony of his situation wasn’t lost on him. Nineteen years earlier, Robin had sold his family’s gift retail business in South Devon, England, and travelled to America to train as a life coach. Despite his training, he found himself falling prey to procrastination, a key issue he aimed to help others overcome.

During the pandemic, Robin dedicated himself to researching, writing, and creating GetResultsology. Initially, he sought to understand procrastination better for his own sake, but his work soon evolved into an accessible and comprehensive guide designed to help others stop spinning their wheels and reach their full potential too.
Embarrassed by years of self-denial about his procrastination problem, Robin’s research led him to recognise the vital role of accountability in life coaching. He found that this element alone provided clients with the greatest benefits, helping them achieve their highest levels of productive momentum.

Today, Robin still resides in South Devon with his now grown-up sons, not far from the 600-year-old thatched cottage where they lived while he was running the family business. In 2024, he published GetResultsology and relaunched his life coaching business, focusing on accountability through the GetResultsology system.

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