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Unlock your potential to boost your income or profit, by hitting up to 33% more of your strategic goals every single month.

And in only 5, 10-minute videos you'll discover how to keep this momentum going all year round, without sacrificing your work/life balance.

What This Complimentary Course Has to Offer

In this practical, informative, zero-hype challenge, I’ll show you exactly how you could increase your monthly income/profits through increasing your own productive goal achievement rate by as much as 33%, every single month.

Done properly, there'll be no more sliding back into less productive habits like procrastination, after a month or two. This is a system that will inspire you, motivate you and keep you going, month after month after month. 

Think about that... a third more progress on your monthly goals - every single month of the year! Exponentially, that's going to make a HUGE difference to you, your business and your profits! Is it not?!

About Robin...

In 2019, after ten years of effort, single parent Robin finally graduated as a mature university student. Reflecting on his extended journey, he realised that his chronic procrastination had significantly delayed his progress, turning what should have been a six-year endeavour into a decade-long struggle.

The irony of his situation wasn’t lost on him. Nineteen years earlier, Robin had sold his family’s gift retail business in South Devon, England, and travelled to America to train as a life coach. Despite his training, he found himself falling prey to procrastination, a key issue he aimed to help others overcome.

During the pandemic, Robin dedicated himself to researching, writing, and creating GetResultsology. Initially, he sought to understand procrastination better for his own sake, but his work soon evolved into an accessible and comprehensive guide designed to help others stop spinning their wheels and reach their full potential too.

Embarrassed by years of self-denial about his procrastination problem, Robin’s research led him to recognise the vital role of accountability in life coaching. He found that this element alone provided clients with the greatest benefits, helping them achieve their highest levels of productive momentum.

Today, Robin still resides in South Devon with his now grown-up sons, not far from the 600-year-old thatched cottage where they lived while he was running the family business. In 2024, he published GetResultsology and relaunched his life coaching business, focusing on accountability through the GetResultsology system.

Here's What You'll Experience In Your Five-Day
Skyrocket Your Productivity Challenge


Discover three fundamental key factors that you need to skyrocket your productivity. Once understood, you will always know exactly what to do to reach your peak productive performance, on demand!


Goals are important, but contrary to popular belief, not as important as you might think. In this video I will reveal exactly what is and why it works a 100 times better than mere goal setting.


Revealed: Tried, tested, researched and proven powerful methods to activate your productive behaviours and keep you in your peak performance groove.


Overwhelm is time stealer, a dream killer, an aspiration deflator and a productivity momentum killer! Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to prevent it from happening to you.


Becoming unstoppable! Long-term productive momentum is critical and yet it is the one thing that many productivity strategies fail to deliver. Practical tips for keeping going and going and going!

Why I Created GetResultsology® & How It Works For You..!

The reason I created GetResultsology® is to reveal to you lifelong skill sets that will enable you to stop spinning your wheels and finally kick procrastination to the curb. To fully empower you to build for yourself the life of your dreams, your goals, and your aspirations.

Why? Well, because I genuinely care, and also because I totally empathise.

There have been countless occasions throughout my entire life when procrastination has devoured my precious time. So let me first address the elephant in the room. 

If you've read my bio, then you'll know that I trained as a life coach, nearly a quarter of a century ago. Now, since creating GetResultsology® I've specialised as an accountability coach (where the focus on more on income and profit growth through personal productivity, as opposed to personal growth, which is typically what life coaching focuses on). 

But the question is, how could a life coach possibly struggle with procrastination when it's their job to help others NOT procrastinate.

Well, the answer is I didn't think I did! With hindsight, I've realised that I thought about my own procrastination in much the same way as I think about having a common head cold. Lots of people get it. It's annoying when it happens. Definitely uncomfortable, but it will eventually hopefully pass.

Besides anytime I really needed to make progress on something, I could always hire my own coach. That worked every time! So I used to think that this really was not a problem for me. 

But then in 2019, just before COVID broke, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I realised it had just taken me 10 years to graduate from home based university when it was supposed to take just 6!

I wondered what else has procrastination cost me in terms of delay, time lost, money not made, key relationship issues, and my physical and mental health?

I did not like the answers, to put it mildly, and I'm guessing you probably don't like to contemplate what spinning your wheels when YOU could have been more productive has cost you too. 

By the way, procrastination does not discriminate about who it can affect, even successful people procrastinate. So please don't take it personally or see it as an insurmountable obstacle if it happens to be an issue for you. 

So over the last three years, I created GetResultsology® The Science of Getting Stuff Done. And I did it so that it would be accessible, easy to understand, and a source of tried, tested, researched, and proven methods for crushing procrastination and getting into the focused groove of productivity without wasting time on many, many methods that ultimately don't work as you find yourself sliding inexorably back into bad unproductive behaviours.

What I'm introducing to you on this page is my 5 day 'Skyrocket Your Productivity' challenge. In it I will reveal to you 5, ten minute videos, that give a broad overview of the 3 steps you need to skyrocket your productivity regardless of whether you self identify as a procrastinator or not. 

Potentially, you could increase your productive goal achievement rate by as much as 33% every single month. That's a third more progress on your goals. Every single month of the year! And think about the exponential growth that that could lead to... but just for a moment, let's stick with just thinking about a third.

What could you do with 33% more income and/or profit? What would your business look like with 33% more growth? What vacations could you afford? College for your kids, health care, and more luxuries like finer food, clothes, jewellery, expensive gadgets, and nicer cars.

All of that can be achieved by working consistently and probably largely in the same hours you already work now. So, achievable without damaging your important work life balance. All will be revealed in the next 5 days. The rest of course is up to you, but all you need to do right now is enrol in the course. It is free.

Use the button underneath to enroll... And I'll see you on the other side for day one.

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