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But before we get started, please note that the choice of an accountability coach is a very personal thing and I want to make certain that working with me is best suited to your very specific needs and budget.

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If you’re interested but want to know more about how GetResultsology® Accountability Coaching works first (and what makes it unique!), take a look at this short video and then read on…

GetResultsology Book

GetResultsology® Accountability Coaching Empowers You To Get Unstuck and Get Stuff Done!

Woman procrastinating at work

Stop Procrastination Crushing Your Dreams

Productivity chart

Increasing Your Productivity = Boosting Your Income/Profit

Working from home

Structure Your Time Based on Your Priorities

GetResultsology® empowers you to Get Stuff Done Which could...

Seriously increase your monthly income/profit
 Grow your business faster
Complete projects and goals that you never thought you would
Free up time to be with your loved ones
Create more time and money to spend on hobbies and luxuries
Feel happier and more fulfilled!

In fact, with GetResultsology® Accountability Coaching you could do even more…

No more overwhelm or not knowing how to move forwards
No more anxiety and guilt about work not done
Improved physical and mental wellbeing
More confidence in your abilities
More motivation to get stuff done, and…
No more unachieved dreams and goals!
Achievement climber

Struggling to achieve even more with your time...?

GetResultsology® Accountability Coaching is the Missing Link

Working from home online marketers, solopreneurs and freelancers can recreate almost every conceivable traditional workplace feature. A fully-equipped office, good internet connection, coffee machine etc. 

But what they cannot create by themselves is that enormous extra motivational push they get from someone externally holding them accountable for their productive output!

Momentum dial it up

Accountability is The Gold Standard Method For Creating Long-term, Productive Momentum...

If you've read my book GetResultsology® - The Science of Getting Stuff Done, then you will know that I believe that  long-term momentum is the holy grail of working productively. 

What do I mean by 'long-term momentum'?

I mean never sliding back into former unproductive behaviours that likely have already cost you, in terms of missed opportunities, lost income and feelings of guilt and anxiety - triggered by the times you may have been knowingly procrastinating, yet unable to break out of it.

Momentum is about three things...
1) Not wasting the precious time you have allocated to be your regular working hours.
2)Working in a focused, productive way on the things that really matter, in the time you have available.
3) Profiting (metaphorically and literally!) in terms of the long-term benefits you will experience (listed above), simply because you are getting more stuff done and you are getting more stuff done, regularly!

We all know that it's really not that hard, in the short-term, to be productive. 

If you've ever been up against a hard deadline that threatens severe consequences if you miss it, then willpower (your own internal accountability) and fear of those consequences will likely have been enough to get you moving... finally!

In reality, though, such deadlines can be way, way off into the future. For example: students with months to complete an essay; or online marketers/solopreneurs who may not have any specific hard deadlines, just things they know they need and want to get done, one day, soon, I swear!

If you suffer from procrastination, you’ll know what I mean. It can feel challenging in the here and now to get stuff done because far off deadlines just don't feel URGENT enough!

This is when that old faithful mantra of the procrastinator makes one of many, many, many appearances... 

"I'll do it tomorrow!"

I'll do it tomorrow work from home

When productive progress stalls, momentum is, by definition, lost. 

You may get going again, but only once a hard deadline is so close that panic about the consequences of failing to complete something finally crushes the procrastination, dithering and delays. But by then, the damage may already be done... 

Lost time is lost forever! Unlike lost money, which you can always find ways to make more of, you cannot get back time. Worse, for many, the rush to complete something that should have taken more time can seriously damage the quality of the work... or even prevent you from making any meaningful progress towards your goals at all!

Common Accountability Coaching Myths...

Myth #1

Only people who struggle with getting more productive need accountability coaches. 

FACT: Accountability coaching works really well for high-performing individuals with their hands and heads full of ideas, projects and things they need to get done – learn to work smarter, not harder!

Myth #2

Accountability coaching is not for highly motivated people.

FACT: Highly motivated people often struggle to stay focused. There's just so much they want to do! 
An accountability coach keeps a client focused and on task, seeing projects through to completion before they are ready to move on to the next one.

Myth #3

Accountability coaches are intimidating.

FACT: Unlike a boss who might be screaming at you "Why didn't you get this done!" - an accountability coach works with you, kind of like a silent partner. 
They may not say what you want to hear, but they'll always say what you need to hear – although always in a supportive way!

Accountability Coach or Buddy?

As I was writing the GetResultsology® system, studying the available research and drawing upon my own experience as a life coach, two things became crystal clear to me about the concept of accountability in relation to how it powers up productivity...

1) It needs to be external to you. For most people effective, I mean really effective accountability comes from someone other than themselves.
2) The payoff from working with a good accountability coach or buddy can be just extraordinary and, for some, it can be the difference between being more productive in the long-term or sliding inexorably back into the bad old habits that have been holding them back, in some cases, for years!

For many, a good accountability friend/buddy is an ideal and convenient way to get accountability into their arsenal of procrastination busting, productivity boosting strategies and it's definitely one of the most effective. If you can find a good one, it's well worth doing!

For the avoidance of doubt, my purpose here is to educate and inform you. I honestly don’t mind what you decide to do. You certainly do not have to engage my services as an accountability coach.

As long as you ultimately achieve the results you most desire, that serve you the best, that bring you the most satisfaction and happiness, then my work here is done – and the core purpose of creating the GetResultsology® system, fulfilled.

That being said, I am an accountability coach (largely because I realised it's importance as I was writing the book!) and so, being a tiny bit biased, I do think that there are significant advantages to hiring a coach over relying on a friend/buddy…

Four things to consider about working with an accountability buddy vs. an accountability coach.

1) Your accountability buddy or coach needs to be reliable. An accountability coach is a professional, it's their job to be reliable and there for you. Whereas, for an accountability buddy it's not their day job after all. So make sure they are able to commit to fully supporting you.

2) Accountability buddies are not trained. That ought not be a problem, but carefully think it through before asking someone to be your accountability buddy. If you need them to support you as you work through your bigger, most important projects, do they have the skill sets you might need them to have as you encounter the inevitable productivity hiccups and distractions.

3) Accountability coaches are experienced. This ties in with the above point, but it's worth emphasising that for professional accountability coaches this is not their first rodeo. Whatever challenges you may be experiencing, they are likely to have seen it before and have practical solutions at their fingertips.

4) You have to pay an accountability coach! That shouldn't make a difference and yet, it does! Not just to the coach of course, who understandably likes being paid for their work, but because people tend not to value things that are free as much as the things they pay good money for.

When people pay for something they pay attention! I know that sounds self-serving of me, but it happens to be true and a valuable piece of leverage to get yourself into productivity mode!

No stick used in accountability

What Accountability Coaching is Not...

Accountability coaches do not bully their clients. Nor do they blame them or make them feel guilty when they don't hit their targets.

There's no stick!  

Carrots are used in accountability

What Accountability Coaching is...

Accountability coaching is a highly structured process that involves formulating and evaluating goals - figuring out why they matter to the client and how to accomplish them at an consistently improved productive rate.
A plan of action is created that the accountability coach supports the client with and prevents from them veering off course from.

There are plenty of carrots! 

How Does GetResultsology® Accountability
Coaching work? 

If you watched the video at the top of this page (I recommend you do!) then you will understand that there are couple of key elements of accountability that any good accountability coach will include in their services.

1) They will work with you to develop an ongoing, flexible, outcome driven plan that helps you focus on your weekly, monthly and even lifetime goals, dreams and desires.

2) They will agree micro-deadlines with you - things you intend to achieve in the next week or two or three or four. 

With GetResultsology® Accountability Coaching the approach has underpinning strategies for getting you into productivity (as detailed in the book), but it's not prescriptive. 

The approach is built upon the fundamental foundation of being flexible enough to find what works best for you. A discover and then do what works best for you kind of thing!

How does that work in practise?

Well, some clients may like weekly accountability coaching calls, where others may thrive just as much on, say, three times a month, fortnightly calls or even monthly calls. Some clients may appreciate daily reminders of something they've committed to doing - others may find that annoying or adding just a little bit too much unwanted stress.

In other words, there's no one-size fits all approach. Just like a suit bought off the rack will never be as good a fit as one that has been bespoke tailored. GetResultsology® Accountability Coaching is tailored to the client's individual needs. 

Coaching tailored to your needs

I think that’s about it! Congrats on making it this far!
If after everything you’ve just read, you’d like to have a quick chat with me about getting much more consistently productive with the support of a GetResultsology® Accountability Coach, then click on the image below to book a call and get more info about how to book a conversation with me and what will happen when we chat.

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